Tidyverse Series - dplyr - Episode 1

Tidyverse Series - dplyr - Episode 1

Monday, Jul 20, 2020

@ Shrishti Vaish

Introduction In this series, we are going to talk about data manipulation in R. The data we obtain or collect from various sources is usually unstructured or comprises information that is futile for our purpose. Therefore, spending time on the entire dataset is needless and inessential. So, Data Manipulation is the key. We transform our data according to our needs which is significant for robust analysis. We manipulate data for further easy processing.

About Me

Hey Folks! I’m Shrishti Vaish and I’m delighted that you visited my page. Currently pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science with Honours from the University of Delhi, India. During my final year at college, I had developed keen interest in Data Science knowing its worth and demand in the coming future.

No better tool that I can find other than R is for statistical analysis. I use R extensively for any of my data science projects.

Well, I am new to blogging and will be posting about a lot of it.

Thank You!

Case Study

Hey everyone, I am working on a project, a case study on the Work Status and Condition of Women during the Pandemic. This is a project in R for analysis and visualization. Kindly fill the form.

The details are provided in the form itself. Kindly support and share the link with your connections as well.

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