SuperStore Retail Analysis

SuperStore Retail Analysis

Monday, Dec 21, 2020

@ Shrishti Vaish

Hey everyone, This is an EDA project analyzing super store data set and visualizing it. The objective of this project is to analyze and identify trends and patterns in the current retail sales and identify which sector of the market is under loss and which sector is making huge profits. Every sector offers discounts on sales, but, do they collect profits as needed on the discounts they offer? Which shipment class boosts the sales of which category?

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Hey Folks! I’m Shrishti Vaish and I’m delighted that you visited my page. Currently pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science with Honours from the University of Delhi, India. During my final year at college, I had developed keen interest in Data Science knowing its worth and demand in the coming future.

No better tool that I can find other than R is for statistical analysis. I use R extensively for any of my data science projects.

Well, I am new to blogging and will be posting about a lot of it.

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Case Study

Hey everyone, I am working on a project, a case study on the Work Status and Condition of Women during the Pandemic. This is a project in R for analysis and visualization. Kindly fill the form.

The details are provided in the form itself. Kindly support and share the link with your connections as well.

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